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    Gato Island is one of the hottest dive spots in the Philippines. Its abundance of marine life makes it one of the best marine havens around Cebu. Macro Photographers and Diving experts consider it as an underwater paradise for it hosts tons of unique and exotic aquatic species.

    Gato Island is also a popular breeding ground for sea snakes. It is one of the only three sea snake breeding spots in the Philippines. The breeding season is held during the months of March to September. Species of snakes here include the black and white banded sea snake, gigantic moray eel, silver eel and other poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. One local poisonous snake is the Balingkasaw. These snakes are caught for their skins. The skins are eventually turned into bags and shoes in Danao City. Moreover, its meat is used as an aphrodisiac by the Chinese people.

    Other species to watch out for are frogfish, scorpionfish, shrimps, shells, cuttlefish, pufferfish, tuna, mackerel, squids, stingrays, snappers, nudibranchs and pygmy sea horses. The site is also rewarded for sightings of sharks such as the white tip reef sharks and bamboo sharks that are usually seen sleeping in the cave and sometimes lurking around the exit.

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