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  • Slam’s Garden Resort

    Slam’s Garden Resort

    You mustn’t miss the extraordinary feature of Slam’s Garden Resort if you are touring different remarkable dive resorts .Everyone is welcome in this cozy resort especially the divers that came from different countries just to visit the place. The Slam’s Garden Resort also offers different rooms and facilities to their visitors. Rooms are perfect for great rest and it is indeed provided with high privacy. Furthermore, there is a total of 14 rooms in the entire resort and there are varieties of rooms depending on what does the visitor would like it to be, some rooms have terraces that will enable you to have an overlook with everything that is surrounding the place. All rooms are air-conditioned and have safety boxes. There will be no problem with the room’s rates because it is really worthy for your stay. The facilities of Slam’s Garden Resort are all in order and readily available anytime.

    The Malapascua Island is just small but has a wonderful view. The island is at 7 kilometers north-east of the Island of Cebu Philippines. Logon Island is the other name of Malapascua Island – it is named after the Barangay on that place. Even if the island is just small as 1 kilometer wide and 2.5 kilometer long, it is one of a kind because of its fine white sand and clear sea water. You can actually walk over the entire island by just 3 to 4 hours.

    Giving a dive to its clear water is great because there are also lots of sea creatures that can be found here. You can even see the thresher shark on its 22-25 meter of depth. Diving activity in Malapascua resort is extreme because you will totally overlook to different wonderful sea creatures underwater, and you will definitely fulfill your diving activities in here.

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