Slam’s Garden Resort

Slam’s Garden Resort

Newly opened resort close to dive center.

Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort

Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort

Tranquil environment with private beach.

Tepanee Beach Resort

Tepanee Beach Resort

Relaxed atmosphere with friendly services.

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  • Dive Malapascua

    Logon Island or most commonly known as Malapascua is a small but most-visited island which is situated between the northeastern tip of Cebu and western tip of Leyte. Malapascua is surrounded with sparkling and white sandy beaches.

    The island homes to a conventional fishing village of around 3500 populace. This exquisite island is parted with small rocky overhangs that entice many tourists from all over the world.

    Malapascua Island highlights a number of immaculate dive sites as well as tremendous coral gardens. As a result, tourism industry is eventually thriving in this island. Malapascua is home to diverse marine species such as schools of nudibranchs, mandarin fish, frogfish, giant moray eels, shrimps, pipefish, crabs, squids, cuttlefish and manta rays. For the period of January to April, you could possibly catch a glimpse of cat sharks, bamboo sharks as well as hammerheads. If you’re lucky enough, you may perhaps catch sight of incredible dolphins on the surface.

  • Best Time to Dive

    Diving in Malapascua Island is best experienced in the daybreak when you’ll be able to swim through along with amazing thresher sharks. Malapascua has a couple of seasons which are wet and dry seasons. Wet season falls every June to December and the best time to dive is during dry season which falls every January to May.

  • Getting There and Around

    Depending on which country you come from, you are absolutely going to take a flight bound to Cebu. Cebu has an international airport already so you may check your travel agency to reserve your trip in advance. From Cebu, you will take another trip either public buses or private vehicles going to Daanbantayan, the jump-off start to Malapascua Island. The trip normally takes around 4 hours. After reaching the Maya wharf, get yourself ready for a 30-minute boat trip towards the beautiful island of Malapascua.

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  • Medical status (Visit your doctor if you are unsure)
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